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Industrial Hemp Food Choices

Hemp Seeds: The Tastier, Healthier, Seed.

If you love munching of sunflower seeds or freshly baked pumpkin seeds, then you need to try hemp seeds. If you’re anything like my friend you’re probably cringing a little bit and making that “eww” face, but in reality, hemp seeds are fantastically delicious. I, along with a great handful of friends and family, have …

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Hempovations hosted by Patrick Moore, produced by Hemp Inc.

HempOvations – part 1

Hemp activist Patrick Moore helps us all to understand the importance of industrial hemp through the rich history of the plant!. and Hemp Inc have teamed up to provide you with “Hempovations”, a four part series aimed at educating the public about this incredible and renewable resource. Learn more about hemp:

Industrial hemp farming is renewable and sustainable

Sustainable Hemp Buildings Provide Healthier Living

Sustainable Hemp Buildings Improve Air Quality and Reduce Water Damage Pollutants for Healthier Living Standards Building with industrial hemp products is a way to create a more sustainable way of life for human beings. Most Hemp building products are carbon negative products, often regulating the air quality and keep water issues from causing real damage …

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The phytoremediation process

Soil Contamination – Phytoremediation with Hemp

Mother Nature’s Solution to Soil Contamination – Phytoremediation Phytoremediation is the environmentally friendly science of using plants and trees to remove heavy metals and other toxins from contaminated soil. By planting specific plants and trees, called hyper-accumulators, in polluted areas, the contaminants can be reduced. The science is simple, and basic to plant life. Toxins …

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Hemp to Potentially Replace Reliance on Fossil Fuels

For most of human history, the hemp plant has been used as an integral crop of commerce and navigation. Cultures across the globe have utilized hemp as a source of food, rigging and building materials and paper pulp. It is, without a doubt, the most resilient and efficient plant the Earth has ever grown. But not until now has it become quite so necessary to realize the prohibition of hemp and cannabis must be suspended. The arguments against legalization do not stand trial when compared to the immense benefits.

Hemp Hemp Hemp

We are always on the lookout for some good articles about our favorite fibrous plant, hemp… here’s a good one from 303 Magazine. This is a wonderful article that gives you some good over all information on the hemp plant.  It has a comedic flare to it that captures your attention. Overall a fun article and …

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New attitudes to Hemp enable an agricultural comeback

Paul Benhaim–  With an ever-changing need worldwide for different products over the centuries, agriculture moves on with demand. Reduced demand for some crops, and other circumstances led to agriculture reducing production; one such victim of reduced demand was the Hemp plant, where governmental policy affected the market. This easy to grow, fast maturing plant was …

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Hemp House-Asheville, NC revisited-Video explaining hempcrete’s use

This video from 2009 is an interesting reminder of the simplicity and yet the brilliance of the hempcrete technology.  It is also great for learning about the construction techniques that were used when building the hemp house.  Remember the video is about building a house out of hemp. The sustainability will come when people like Obama legalize hemp for …

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