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Hecho a Mano Pan de Cáñamo

By Jason Lavue Con esta receta, haremos un pan básico. Esto puede modificarse fácilmente para hacer muchas variaciones de pan de panecillos a pasteles. Primero, debemos hacer el agua de cáñamo para el pan. Agua de Cáñamo y pastel de semillas. 100 gramos de Corazón de la semillas 500 mill agua …

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Hemp Entrepreneurs Say Big Retailers Unfairly Dominate Online Ads

Alexis Keenan **Yahoo Finance “We’ve been rejected by almost every single digital media company that’s out there, any advertising platform, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Bing, Yahoo, the search engines,” Ari Sherman, founder of Boulder, Colorado-based Evo Hemp, said. Sherman’s company sells THC-free hemp products, including energy bars, seeds, and protein, …

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Hemp, a form of cannabis, to become legal with Trump’s signature on Farm Bill

Trevor Hughes, USA TODAY Published 5:07 p.m. ET Dec. 13, 2018 DENVER – Prepare to see more hemp beer, food, supplements and clothing if President Donald Trump signs the new Farm Bill that would more broadly permit American farmers to grow hemp, which has long been restricted because of its ties to marijuana. READ …

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Eat Hemp, Stay Healthy: Part Two

Hemp seeds are healthy! Cook with hemp seeds

In Eat Hemp Seeds, Stay Healthy we learned about industrial hemp seeds and how awesome they are for your health! Today we are revisiting that topic and I am again going to provide you a few fun ways to incorporate industrial hemp seeds into your diet. Industrial hemp has brought …

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Hemp Seeds: The Tastier, Healthier, Seed.

Industrial Hemp Food Choices

If you love munching of sunflower seeds or freshly baked pumpkin seeds, then you need to try hemp seeds. If you’re anything like my friend you’re probably cringing a little bit and making that “eww” face, but in reality, hemp seeds are fantastically delicious. I, along with a great handful …

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Recipe: Hemp Seed, Tomato, and Cucumber soup

Cucumber, Tomato and Hemp Seed Soup

Looking for an simple and healthy lunch snack that you can make quickly and has some awesome hemp seed nutrition?  Look no further, this hemp seed, tomato, cucumber soup is not only tasty, it is healthy and can be made in under 15 minutes.  I have had it both cold …

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Recipe: Garlic Hemp Seed Oil Bruschetta

Yummy Hemp Seed Oil Brushetta

Everyone knows that hemp seed oil is very healthy. Now lets take that healthy hemp seed oil and put it to good use in a Garlic Hemp Seed Oil Bruschetta recipe that will make your mouth water. Serving Size: 4 Ingredients: 1/4 cup Organic Hemp Seed Oil 1-2 Organic tomatoes …

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Mom’s Hemp Answer to Sunday Breakfast

Waking up on a Sunday can be rough on a mother of four and this Sunday was no different. It was early and I was pondering how to feed the little mouths that were about to wake up.  This while peering into an almost bare pantry and fridge.  As I …

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Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds for health not a high

Despite the Cannabis classification, hemp seeds aren’t for smoking, nor does it get you “high” as countless people have been led to believe. Hemp seeds are growing in popularity, thus, questions are arising concerning their presumed health benefits. So what is it ‘they’ don’t want you to know? Why would …

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Hemp Seeds To Feed A Nation

It seems like every time I revisit hemp I learn another benefit that this plant offers us. So many answers to so many problems all we have to do is be open to its potential. Case in Point: Population Growth. How do we feed, nutritionally, all those hungry mouths? Mike …

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Dessert: Phyllo Cigars filled with Apricots and Hemp Seeds

By: Chef Inga Voloshin As I set out to make a dessert with hemp seeds, the criteria that entered my mind highlighted terms like crispy, nutty, and fruity. In effect, that’s exactly what I came up with. The end result was a sticky, sweet apricot hempseed mixture rolled inside flakey …

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Mango Hempseed Chutney with Hemp Flatbread

From our Healthy Chef Inga Voloshin – This is quite the addictive snack; so addictive that I managed to eat a few portions before I even finished making it. Not to worry, the abundance of hemp in this recipe (in various forms) makes it a guilt free snack that you …

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Quinoa Hemp Veggie Burgers – Just in time for Spring!

Quinoa Hemp Veggie Burgers By: Chef Inga Voloshin The thing that’s always bugged me about veggie burgers is that a lot of them don’t really taste like burgers, they don’t have the meatiness of a real burger, and more often than not they leave you wanting more. That’s why I’ve …

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Hemp milk

Easy to make hemp milk Hemp Milk is easy to make and is very healthy.  It is a geat way to enjoy all the health benefits of hempseeds in a drink! I love hemp milk Ingredients 4 oz clean hemp seeds 1 oz almonds 1 – 2 figs to taste …

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Hemp Butter Brownies

Hemp Butter Brownies 1lb. Butter 1 oz premium hemp 2qt. or little less water 2 Brownie mixes Start by making hemp butter. In large pot place water and 1lb.shake once water and hemp begin to boil add 1lb. butter allow to boil for 6 to 8 hrs. adding a little …

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Let’s Cook!

Alright people, here’s you chance to get your hemp nut and get cooking! This nutritious ingredient and snack food is offered in 5 pound, 25 pound and 200 pound pails and is a bulk item designed to meet the needs of food manufacturers, retailers with bulk food sections, restaurants and …

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