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California’s SB 1409: Merely Re-arranging Hemp Chairs on the Titanic?

Richard Rose From Cannalaw Blog: “Existing California law also requires that industrial hemp only be grown by those on the list of approved hemp seed cultivars. That list includes only hemp seed cultivars certified on or before January 1, 2013. Industrial hemp may only be grown as a densely planted …

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Vital Hemp-Bringing It Home

Vital Hemp

On October 10th, at 7:30 pm, Vital Hemp be sharing a great documentary about growing industrial hemp in the USA—how the crop can improve our lives. It’s called Bringing it Home. There will be live music, complimentary Humbolt Hemp Ale by Nector Ales and hemp treats from Nutiva and Ziggy …

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California: Hemp farming in California closer to reality with SB 676

SACRAMENTO, Calif. –The bill has the endorsement of the UFCW, the Imperial County Farm Bureau, California Certified Organic Growers and other leading farming organizations. Dan Rush, UFCW 5 Statewide Special Operations Director, stated, “UFCW enthusiastically supports SB 676 because we see it as a jobs and revenue generator at a …

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UPDATE!! California Senator is Poised to Welcome Hemp

As of this last post The California State… “Senate also voted to legalize farming of industrial hemp in five counties in California for use in making products such as paper and clothes. Industrial hemp is a variety of cannabis sativa plant that has much lower levels of psychoactive chemicals than …

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Hemp to Potentially Replace Reliance on Fossil Fuels

For most of human history, the hemp plant has been used as an integral crop of commerce and navigation. Cultures across the globe have utilized hemp as a source of food, rigging and building materials and paper pulp. It is, without a doubt, the most resilient and efficient plant the Earth has ever grown. But not until now has it become quite so necessary to realize the prohibition of hemp and cannabis must be suspended. The arguments against legalization do not stand trial when compared to the immense benefits.

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California:SB 676 -legalize hemp for industrial purposes only

Hemp.com does not know everything about this law but from what we have read so far it is a ‘no brainer’ to get this one passed. SB 676 was introduced on Friday, February 18th by state Senator Mark Leno. Senator Leno believes that hemp farming will help revitalize California’s economy. …

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Prop 19 – Was it Good For Hemp?

If you have been following the news about Prop 19, the initiative to make marijuana legal in the state of California, (and taxable) then you know it did not pass. Although it would have been interesting to say the least if Prop 19 had passed- we can without a doubt …

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Hemp may have inadvertantly been on California ballot

We’ve all heard about prop 19 – California’s effort to decriminalize marijuana within the state – but did the ballot measure  have implications for industrial hemp that the writers didn’t necessarily intend? Proposition 19 proponents say the initiative’s language allowing local governments to permit cannabis cultivation – by definition – …

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