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The FDA …and Other Nefarious Characters

By Steve Sarich On December 21st, 2018, I posted a story I called “What did the FDA bring you for Christmas”. This story was meant as a ‘wake-up call’ to the hemp/CBD industry in America. The story was intended to let those of you in the industry know that the …

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Hemp Entrepreneurs Say Big Retailers Unfairly Dominate Online Ads

Alexis Keenan **Yahoo Finance “We’ve been rejected by almost every single digital media company that’s out there, any advertising platform, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Bing, Yahoo, the search engines,” Ari Sherman, founder of Boulder, Colorado-based Evo Hemp, said. Sherman’s company sells THC-free hemp products, including energy bars, seeds, and protein, …

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First Cannabis (Hemp) Gummies Will Arrive In Mexico at the End of January

As we share news from around the world, it is important to understand that Hemp is called Cannabis in many other countries. This article is one of those where Cannabis is referring to the CBD hemp product. By ALEJANDRA RODRÍGUEZ ** El Financiero ** Its cost will be 250 pesos, …

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Oregon: Hemp in Oregon waiting on the rules

Oregon: Industrial hemp fields just waiting on the rules

Noelle Crombie – Oregon Department of Agriculture officials said Thursday the state will not have rules in place for a spring planting of an industrial hemp crop. Jim Cramer, the agency’s director of market access and certification, said the recent passage of the federal Farm Bill, which included an industrial …

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Hemp growing going legit

Colorado Hemp being harvested

The US government is ready to let farmers grow hemp – at least the kind that can’t get people high. Hemp – marijuana’s non-intoxicating cousin that’s used to make everything from clothing to cooking oil – could soon be cultivated in 10 states under a federal farm bill agreement that …

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UPDATE!! California Senator is Poised to Welcome Hemp

As of this last post The California State… “Senate also voted to legalize farming of industrial hemp in five counties in California for use in making products such as paper and clothes. Industrial hemp is a variety of cannabis sativa plant that has much lower levels of psychoactive chemicals than …

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California:SB 676 -legalize hemp for industrial purposes only

Hemp.com does not know everything about this law but from what we have read so far it is a ‘no brainer’ to get this one passed. SB 676 was introduced on Friday, February 18th by state Senator Mark Leno. Senator Leno believes that hemp farming will help revitalize California’s economy. …

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New Product: Hemp Shield Deck Finish

You’ve been dreaming of BBQ’s, Pasta Salad & Lemonade, but  the sound of wind and ice outside is a cold reminder that spring has taken vacation and you weren’t invited.  But there is hope:  underneath all the snow and dead leaves lies a tribute to man’s relaxational ingenuity. The American Deck. Spring and summer …

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Hemp Root – A Little Known Cure for Muscle Pain

As if this plant couldn’t do everything – there is yet another application. About a month ago I pulled the muscles in my lower back. I was bed ridden for about 2 days with severe muscle swelling. It hurt so bad that I could barely walk. I would ice it …

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Podcast#2 – Nathan Armstrong, President of Motive Industries Inc.

Nathan Armstrong, President of Motive Industries Inc - Podcast #2 Hemp.com goes in depth to understand what Bio-composites are and why now is the time that we should be looking to hemp and other bio-crops as alternatives to certain metals and petroleum based products.

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Listen to this!

There is a trend in High-End consumer products lately engineers are incorporating hemp based materials into their designs. Check out these new speakers by JVC. “(The) Eco-friendly Hemp Fiber reduces unwanted mid- and high-frequencies in subwoofers–like a natural low pass filter. Internal loss is reduced within the speaker diaphragm for …

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Seperating Hemp fact from fiction

Hemp Leaf

A good list of the facts about the legality of hemp growth in the US: *The US Drug Enforcement Agency classifies all C. sativa varieties as “marijuana.” While it is theoretically possible to get permission from the government to grow hemp, DEA would require that the field be secured by …

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Australia’s Hemp Industry Caught Up in Political Red Tape

Here is an article on the Effort to “Grow” the Hemp Industry in a North Eastern Australian Town. THE push to reignite struggling Monto (Queensland, Australia) by making it a key growing and processing centre for  Queensland’s emerging $10 million commercial hemp industry has been stalled by government red tape. …

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Hemp ain’t for Hippies anymore – New Technologies On The Rise

Move over Mr. Hippie. Yes – You can still wear your hemp bracelets and tie-dies – but the word today is New Technology! Leaders in the fields of Architecture and Car Design are using Hemp products to redefine a new age of environmentally friendly High-tech Materials made from our friendly …

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Canadian Firm Really Goes Green with Hemp Car

By May Jeong TORONTO (Reuters) – Canadian developers are plotting a small revolution in the still-tiny market for electric cars, with a concept vehicle made from hemp set to debut at a specialized auto show next month. The four-seat car, called the Kestrel, has an outer shell of a hemp-based …

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