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Hecho a Mano Pan de Cáñamo

By Jason Lavue Con esta receta, haremos un pan básico. Esto puede modificarse fácilmente para hacer muchas variaciones de pan de panecillos a pasteles. Primero, debemos hacer el agua de cáñamo para el pan. Agua de Cáñamo y pastel de semillas. 100 gramos de Corazón de la semillas 500 mill agua …

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Hemp Entrepreneurs Say Big Retailers Unfairly Dominate Online Ads

Alexis Keenan **Yahoo Finance “We’ve been rejected by almost every single digital media company that’s out there, any advertising platform, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Bing, Yahoo, the search engines,” Ari Sherman, founder of Boulder, Colorado-based Evo Hemp, said. Sherman’s company sells THC-free hemp products, including energy bars, seeds, and protein, …

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Hemp Flower Products should be considered an ingredient existing before the passage of DSHEA

Comments of Richard Rose to FDA’s Request for Comments on the “Development of a List of Pre-Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act Dietary Ingredients,” and the reasons Hemp Flower Products should be considered an ingredient existing before the passage of DSHEA. Here’s why Hemp Flower Products should be classified as …

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Hemp Recipes – Hemp Ginger Cake

The Guradian just ran this delicious-looking cake recipe adding Hemp flour as an unacknowledged ingredient.  They just threw it into the mix like everyone uses Hemp Flour in their cooking every day!  We love it when hemp is incorporated into products or foods without people making a big deal about …

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Hemp Food company riding wave of awareness

The best way to get middle America to start eating Hemp food products: Get Oprah talking about it.  But that’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. The second best way: When daytime talk show stars like Martha Stewart and Dr. Oz start endorsing the health and nutritional benefits of …

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