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Hemp Plastic Might Be Material of the Future

Henry Ford Hemp and soy car

For as long as we can remember, plastic has been used for just about everything and anything we can get our hands on. It’s all over our houses, in our cars, even in life-saving medical devices and implants. The thing is, plastic isn’t all that safe for the environment. Industrial …

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Swimming For Hemp

Patrick Furlotti likes to swim. But where as you or I would hop in a pool and do a few laps, or maybe brave the summer waves at the local beach, Pat’s idea of fun is hoping in the Ocean and swimming around t he entire Island of Oahu, Hawaii… …

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Podcast#2 – Nathan Armstrong, President of Motive Industries Inc.

Nathan Armstrong, President of Motive Industries Inc - Podcast #2 Hemp.com goes in depth to understand what Bio-composites are and why now is the time that we should be looking to hemp and other bio-crops as alternatives to certain metals and petroleum based products.

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From Plants to Plastic

There has been a growing movement from plastics that are made from Petroleum based materials to Carbohydrate based plastics using materials like plants.  Hemp is just one of the many plants that could be used to move this revolution forward. Here is an interesting article found in USA today detailing …

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Durable iPhone case made out of plants

Yea I said plants… And yea I said iPhone Maybe not made out of hemp yet but they come from a company that could very easily surprise us in the next few months and start offering it in hemp (please please ). It is made out of plants which makes …

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Hemp Plastics Show Their Mettle

Hemp plastics showing up more and more in consumer products: In 1998, I was asked if I would like to “make a hemp plastic”. I jumped at the opportunity. According the dictionary, the “plastic” is “anything mouldable, pliant, supple” . This doesn’t entailed using petro-chemicals. Plastics and petro-chemical based materials …

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