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Kentucky Leads the Way

Industrial Hemp Farming in Kentucky could be a reality if Commissioner -elect James Comer has his way. Hemp.Com Commends Mr. Comer for his knowledge, open-mindedness and willingness to educate the public about industrial hemp. < ———————————————————————————————————————–> Read the full article by Gabe Bullard from WFPL below. Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner-elect James …

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Pepsi introduces all-plant plastic bottle, no hemp in it yet

As with all new technologies, it takes a few opinion-leaders embracing the new idea to pull the rest of us on-board.  And few companies have the huge consumer “gravitational pull” of Coke and Pepsi in their ongoing fight for carbonated sugar-water supremacy. So it was with great surprise this week …

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Canada Is Leading The Way With Hemp In The Automotive Industry

Hemp is back in the driver’s seat – or rather surrounding the driver – in this latest car built by Canadian auto-maker Motive Industries Inc. “We’re hoping it will demonstrate Canada’s abilities in technology and vehicle development. Something that hasn’t been highlighted internationally—ever. If successful it will generate a whole …

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From Plants to Plastic

There has been a growing movement from plastics that are made from Petroleum based materials to Carbohydrate based plastics using materials like plants.  Hemp is just one of the many plants that could be used to move this revolution forward. Here is an interesting article found in USA today detailing …

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Hemp ain’t for Hippies anymore – New Technologies On The Rise

Move over Mr. Hippie. Yes – You can still wear your hemp bracelets and tie-dies – but the word today is New Technology! Leaders in the fields of Architecture and Car Design are using Hemp products to redefine a new age of environmentally friendly High-tech Materials made from our friendly …

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Canadian Firm Really Goes Green with Hemp Car

By May Jeong TORONTO (Reuters) – Canadian developers are plotting a small revolution in the still-tiny market for electric cars, with a concept vehicle made from hemp set to debut at a specialized auto show next month. The four-seat car, called the Kestrel, has an outer shell of a hemp-based …

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