Local college students to expand hemp-focused startup at local malls

Dayton Daily News By Holly Shively “Pharmaceuticals with all due respect have their place…but I absolutely believe that there are alternatives and less invasive ways to approach the human body, the human mind, before resorting to chemical compounds, pharmaceutical medications or even surgeries,” Taylor said. Read the article here

Hemp Sprouting in the Jungle

The Hemp House Explosion is Here, Blowing-Up the Architectural Scene. This is a simple example of what is possible in Costa Rica and other Central American countries. Steve Allin, experto en construcción con cáñamo, came for a visit and demonstrated the techniques of building with hemp. Back in October of 2015, Jason Lauve shared his knowledge, and also …

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Quest for the Golden Fiber

“Quest for the Golden Fiber” follows Cannabis expert Robert C. Clarke on his explorations of Turkish hemp culture. Join us as we visit weavers and rope makers in their countryside homes, and follow the crop cycle in the last village where they still grow hemp as they have for centuries. Presenter, Writer and Researcher …

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CBD Concentrate

CBD Oil and Your Health

With companies producing safe organic CBD products from organically grown industrial hemp we are seeing a shift in how confident the consumer can be about what they are consuming or using. The science of CBD is growing on a daily basis but quite a bit of knowledge is available on the subject. Today we are …

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Hemp oil as a base for hemp plastic

How Industrial Hemp Can Change Our Future

While the subject of industrial hemp may be on the lips of millions of people today, in current hemp news, and certainly on the minds of researchers and farmers alike, some of the value regarding this crop might not be the most talked about subject among the average Joe. The benefits of having a plant …

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History of hemp - Hemp Facts

5 Facts about hemp you won’t believe!

Current hemp news tells us that industrial hemp is on the rise in America. More states are beginning to grow their own industrial hemp, just as it was centuries ago. But here are a fistful of hemp facts I think will blow your minds! If anything, it’s a good read to kill some time. And …

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Industrial hemp roots are very strong and dense

Industrial Hemp Takes Root

Industrial Hemp Takes Root (Wherever you plant it) Something special happened last May. Before we get into all that, let me ask you this: how much do you enjoy weeds? Not that kind of “weed”, but the type that sprouts from your yard and driveway that you have to constantly pull out from the ground, …

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Hemp is great as a biofuel

Hawaii to Research Hemp Bio-Fuel

Last Tuesday, the University of Hawaii’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources was given the go-ahead to grow industrial hemp thanks to the bill SB2175. The two year project involves researching the crop, in addition to growing the hemp to remove toxins from contaminated soil, as well as making it a bio-fuel crop. Industrial …

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Henry Ford Hemp and soy car

Hemp Plastic Might Be Material of the Future

For as long as we can remember, plastic has been used for just about everything and anything we can get our hands on. It’s all over our houses, in our cars, even in life-saving medical devices and implants. The thing is, plastic isn’t all that safe for the environment. Industrial hemp plastic, which is a …

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Oregon: Industrial hemp fields just waiting on the rules

Oregon: Hemp in Oregon waiting on the rules

Noelle Crombie – Oregon Department of Agriculture officials said Thursday the state will not have rules in place for a spring planting of an industrial hemp crop. Jim Cramer, the agency’s director of market access and certification, said the recent passage of the federal Farm Bill, which included an industrial hemp provision, prompted state officials …

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Kentucky-The Hemp State

Kentucky: Comer to pitch hemp to auto execs

Janet Patton wrote this great article on the website on how industrial hemp is changing the ways we do business and how a change is possible through determined people! Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer said hemp fibers could make cars “greener.” –Agriculture Commissioner James Comer will take his pitch for hemp to auto manufacturers …

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Hemp is not marijuana

Industrial Hemp Industry Inches Closer to Ending Prohibition

Industrial Hemp Industry Inches Closer to the End of Prohibition on the Federal Level with Recent Amendments by Lawmakers in California and Washington, DC LAS VEGAS, May 28, 2013  — As a leading innovator in the industrial hemp market, Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) keeps a strong foothold in its sector with recent acquisitions and partnerships …

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Hemp History Week - 2013

Hemp History Week

Join natural products pioneers, leading retail stores, health and wellness advocates and citizens across the nation in celebrating industrial Hemp’s rich history and incredible potential during Hemp History Week! As more Americans recognize the health and environmental benefits of hemp products, hemp farming promises job creation and economic opportunity for farmers and manufacturers, and ensures …

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March against Monsanto

Video: Seeds of Death – Gary Null

March Against Monsanto – May 25 Watch this video and learn why your Food Freedom is in jeopardy! In preparation of the global March Against Monsanto, you are invited to watch the award-winning documentary Seeds of Death free thanks to Gary Null. The leaders of Big Agriculture–Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta–are determined that world’s populations remain …

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Ralph Nader

Legalize Hemp – It’s Long Overdue – Ralph Nader

A bipartisan legislative movement toward legalizing the growing of industrial hemp is finally on the rise. Last week, the Vermont General Assembly voted to lift a state statute that banned the growing of industrial hemp. While this, if enacted, would allow Vermont farmers to grow hemp under state law, it is still illegal under federal …

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NON GMO Project -

March against Monsanto and the risks of GMOs

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Other names for the process include Genetic Engineering (GE) or Genetic Modification (GM), which are one and the same. How is a GMO Different from Cross-Breeding? Genetic modification is the process of forcing genes from one species into another entirely unrelated species. Unlike cross breeding or hybridization—both of which …

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March Against Monsanto – Label GMOs

The March Against Monsanto is a worldwide day of protest to raise awareness of concerns regarding the company’s products. The event will sweep across the globe on Saturday, May 25, bringing like-minded individuals from all corners of the earth together to draw attention to the issue of genetically modified and genetically engineered crops and seeds. …

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What if you had one thing - Hemp Inc.

Video: Save us – Hemp

Hemp is not only an ancient plant that has a ton of uses, it is a healing plant. The ground that hemp is planted in is revived by a crop of hemp growing above. Secondly, the seeds and buds become food and medicine that allow us to heal as people. The fibrous material that is …

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Industrial hemp farming is renewable and sustainable

Hemp legalization effort gathers steam

The Washington Post had this article on the “good” and the ” bad” seed… In the cannabis plant family, hemp is the good seed. Marijuana, the evil weed. Michael Bowman, a gregarious Colorado farmer who grows corn and wheat, has been working his contacts in Congress in an attempt to persuade lawmakers that hemp has …

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Hemp, the US illegal super crop

Kathleen Story wrote this awesome article reminding us of some very important history in these United States of America… A History Channel documentary DVD, called Secrets of the Founding Fathers, tells how the colonists grew hemp, cannabis sativa, as a main crop along with tobacco. It also depicts George Washington and the Declaration of Independence …

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