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Hemp and the Honey Bee

Hemp.com, Inc. knows that hemp is only a piece to a larger puzzle and is forging the future of sustainability with the Honey Bee...

We love bees. We love the hum they make in a garden, the waggle dance they perform for each other, and the loyalty they show to their Queen Bee. And we’re especially grateful to bees because they pollinate so much of the food we eat, the drinks we sip, and the flowers we smell. While the industrial hemp plant is naturally nectar poor and probably not the best plant to have bee’s focus on we still feel as though the industrial hemp plant and the honey bee are two pieces in the puzzle to create sustainability in our world.

Bees do a lot for for all of us! The very least we can do is support pollinator-friendly environments for them to thrive, too. And with bee populations declining at drastically high rates, they need our help.

That’s why, Hemp.com, Inc. is sponsoring an apiary with a beekeeper dedicated to not only protecting pollinators, but also inspiring others to show love to our incredible bee friends.  Currently we sponsor six hives and are looking to increase that number each year.  We are confident that the bee populations can be built back up through the same education and knowledge that has made the return of industrial hemp to the farms possible. 

So, How does Hemp.com, Inc. Support the Honey Bee's?

Honey bee brood comb

“Bee the solution”
Things you can do to help!

So what, exactly, does a beekeeper do? The job entails maintaining bee colonies, keeping hives healthy and harvesting honey, among other responsibilities. Beekeepers play an important role in protecting bees, as the insects are crucial for more than just producing honey — they pollinate a third of everything humans eat, and about 84 percent of crops grown for human consumption depend on bees and other insects to increase their quality and yields.  We work closely with the beekeepers maintaing the hives to insure that the bees get everything they need!  We regularly have Hemp.com Inc staff working with the honey bee’s, learning how to take care of them, and harvesting honey.  It is truly a hands on relationship/experience and builds a solid understanding of their importance among the team!  This helps us to help more people to “Bee the solution” and grow our bee populations back up!  If you are interested in helping us to build up the number of hives that Hemp.com, Inc. sponsors please send us an email.  We are excited about the program and will post updates here as we move forward with the amazing Honey Bee’s.

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