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What Is a CBD Tincture?

A CBD tincture is a pure CBD oil extract mixed for human consumption. Tinctures are made for the intake of hemp CBD by mouth and are an accessible and efficient way to consume pure cannabidiol oils. Before the cannabis prohibition in 1937, tinctures were the most popular way to consume hemp oil for its fast-acting and manageable dosages; and nowadays that trend is picking back up.


Organic CBD Oil from Hemp

How To Use CBD Tinctures

As you are learning about the growing world of hemp derived cannabinoids and CBD, it’s easy to be immediately overwhelmed when seeing the varying types of CBD products and how to use them. Trust us when we tell you all hemp derived CBD products are not created equal.  Please do your research to insure you are using a company that uses only organic hemp when they extract the CBD oil.

Under the Tongue

There are many ways to intake pure and full spectrum hemp CBD oil. CBD oil tinctures are the most popular way of doing so, because of calculated dosages and speed. Often times tinctures are consumed by swallowing or are held under the tongue. By holding a CBD oil tincture under the tongue for a brief period, mucous membranes below the tongue absorb the CBD and nutrients available in the tincture oil quickly.

Swallowing and Eating

When swallowing CBD, your liver will naturally metabolize the material through your bloodstream. Some CBD users swear by mixing it with food. Smoothies, fruit, and breakfast are all great ways to kickstart your day, and CBD can be a part of that! Any food that has oil or is cooked in oil can benefit from CBD tinctures.

If you don’t know or understand how to start using your CBD oil, do your research.  Find out what your oil was made for, and consume it in a way that is healthy and efficient.  Learn more about CBD, How to extract CBD, 10 common uses of CBD and more in our CBD section.

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