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Hemp is a non-psychoactive cousin to marijuana (meaning it doesn’t get you high) and it’s in the same cannabis plant family. Its fibers can be used for food, clothing, even building materials. This answers the hemp vs. marijuana question but does not yet address CBD. Check out the “what is hemp” page to learn more about hemp.

But its most popular use in recent years is CBD oil, a derivative that increasing numbers of consumers are using for various health-related issues such as anxiety, muscle aches and pains, and insomnia. CBD oil is expected to be a $20+ billion dollar industry by 2020. CBD can be obtained from both hemp and marijuana but hemp is the better choice as it does not contain THC. So hemp is better when we look at hemp vs. marijuana in regards to obtaining high quality CBD oil and isolates.

Hemp, and CBD oil derived from it, were legalized in the U.S. in December, paving the way for farmers in the United States to dominate the CBD market. CBD oil derived from marijuana plants has not been legalized by the federal government.

CBD industrial hemp

So, what does this all mean? Hemp and  Marijuana are not in competition and you really should not be comparing hemp vs. marijuana. . Hemp and Marijuana are both in the Cannabis family, but hemp seed does not contain the psychoactive compound, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), that Marijuana does.  Both usually contain CBD but the CBD derived from the industrial hemp plant is generally of higher quality and guaranteed to be free off THC

Hemp is grown for industrial purposes: food, fiber and fuel. This is why hemp is legal and marijuana is more regulated.

Check out the what is CBD page to learn more about CBD! Learn more about hemp at the what is hemp page.  Also check out our Quick facts on Hemp and the Hemp University

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