Hemp building materials

Hemp building materials

Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) has course outer fibers and a shorter finer fiber on the inside, often called the hurd, The seeds from the hemp plant also can be pressed to get oil. These three main components of the hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) plant can be manufactured into a variety of products that resemble wood, plastic, and even concrete like material. These hemp made products include but are not limited to plastic, fiberboard, wallboard, roofing tiles, insulation, paneling and bricks can even be made from the compressed inner short hemp fiber. The outer hemp fibers then can also be used like straw in bale construction paired with mud for an old-style cob building.

You can even make foundations from the compressed inner short hemp fibers. You fill a hemp plywood frame with the inner short hemp fibers, lime, sand, plaster and stone cement along with enough water to dampen the materials. It will set in a day and dry in a week. This hemp plaster/concrete is said to be half as light, seven times stronger and three times more pliable. Hemp reinforced concrete is also being tested and used to reduce the amount of concrete needed as well as gain the strength benefits of the strong long hemp fibers.

Homes can be made nearly 100% out of hemp materials. Pipes can be made out of hemp plastic. Walls can be hemp wallboard. Insulation can be made of hemp. It goes on and on… Hemp plaster, paint made with hemp oil, hemp carpet, hemp bricks, and even a hemp roofing material. We do not even list all the ones out there.

Building homes out of hemp will cost more than traditional materials until hemp is legal to be grown where you live but the outcome will be well worth the effort. Hemp building materials are better for you, withstand the test of time the same if not better than their non-renewable counterparts, and are easier on our environment.

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  1. It is now legal to grow hemp in 21 states. All you have to do is do a search on laws in your state. Most wholesale garden shops will ship hemp seeds anywhere. Again, do your research. Find out what you have to do in those states to grow hemp so that you are ready when it is legal in yours, if it is not already.

  2. In Lithuania we grow 110 hectares of hemp, so our target its seeds, but will be a lot of fiber left. So anybody interested to get from us just fiber, o ready building material this year?

    1. We’d love to get hemp to build 3 homes with hempcrete. Anybody know of a good source of hemp? We want to create a kins domain in North Carolina. Thanks!

      1. I have about 300 MT of hemp hurd materials which will be suitable for making hemp-crete. I have also thought about acquiring a cement block machine and producing a line of hemp crete building blocks, which would be great for building anything.

        Thanks for your time

  3. Tshidiso Nhlapo

    Since there is a housing demand,high unemployment & potential for exporting these construction products how can a person convince goverment 2 get a plot and use this herb to combat these problems

    1. Listen ToYourMotherEarth

      That is the biggest question of our time!
      One solution is to call all your reps in govt everyday and express that you see Hemps ability to solve all of our problems with food and housing, and you want it legalized! Then ask all your friends to do the same! Mass actions are working!

    2. Can someone tell me about “hempcrete” structural values for load calculations? I’d like values for other hemp related building products if available. Has anyone considered using repar or cable (post-tensioning) to resist overcompression and for spanning resistance like over windows or even rivers???

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