Hemp fuels- Environmentally friendly fuel sources

The basics: Hemp can provide two types of fuel.
1.  Hemp biodiesel – made from the oil of the (pressed) hemp seed.
2.  Hemp ethanol/methanol – made from the fermented stalk.

To clarify further, ethanol is made from such things as grains, sugars, starches, waste paper and forest products, and methanol is made from woody/pulp matter. Using processes such as gasification, acid hydrolysis and enzymes, hemp can be used to make both ethanol and methanol.

In this day of oil wars, peak oil (and the accompanying soaring prices), climate change and oil spills such as the one in the gulf by BP, it’s more important than ever to promote sustainable alternatives such as hemp ethanol.  Hemp turns out to be the most cost-efficient and valuable of all the fuel crops we could grow on a scale that could fuel the world.

And as it turns out, the whole reason for hemp prohibition – and alcohol prohibition – may have been a fuel the realization that OIL production is threatened by any competing fuel source, especially one that requires no modifications to your car!

What is Hemp Biodiesel?
Hemp biodiesel is the name for a variety of ester based oxygenated fuels made from hemp oil.  The concept of using vegetable oil as an engine fuel dates back to 1895 when Dr. Rudolf Diesel developed the first diesel engine to run on vegetable oil. Diesel demonstrated his engine at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900 using peanut oil as fuel.  Hemp biodiesel come from the pressing of the hemp seeds to extract the oil.  Through a process explained here , hemp biodiesel can be made.

Hemp biodiesel can be made from domestically produced, renewable oilseed crops such as hemp. With over 30 million successful U.S. road miles hemp biodiesel could be the answer to our cry for renewable fuel sources.  Learning more  about renewable fuels does not mean we should not cut back on consumption but does help address the environmental affects of our choices.  There is more to hemp as a renewable fuel source than you know

Why Hemp Biodiesel?

  • Biodiesel is the only alternative fuel that runs in any conventional, unmodified diesel engine.
  • It can be stored anywhere that petroleum diesel fuel is stored. Biodiesel is safe to handle and transport because it is as biodegradable as sugar, 10 times less toxic than table salt, and has a high flashpoint of about 300 F compared to petroleum diesel fuel, which has a flash point of 125 F.
  • Biodiesel can be made from domestically produced, renewable oilseed crops such as hemp.
  • Biodiesel is a proven fuel with over 30 million successful US road miles, and over 20 years of use in Europe.
  • When burned in a diesel engine, biodiesel replaces the exhaust odor of petroleum diesel with the pleasant smell of hemp, popcorn or french fries.
  • Biodiesel is the only alternative fuel in the US to complete EPA Tier I Health Effects Testing under section 211(b) of the Clean Air Act, which provide the most thorough inventory of environmental and human health effects attributes that current technology will allow.
  • Biodiesel is 11% oxygen by weight and contains no sulfur.
  • The use of biodiesel can extend the life of diesel engines because it is more lubricating than petroleum diesel fuel, while fuel consumption, auto ignition, power output, and engine torque are relatively unaffected by biodiesel.
  • The Congressional Budget Office, Department of Defense, US Department of Agriculture, and others have determined that biodiesel is the low cost alternative fuel option for fleets to meet requirements of the Energy Policy Act.

Click here to view one method of making biodiesel with hemp seed oil


  1. Tayro

    You do know that by saying hemp everyone still knows your talking about pot right? All your trying to do is get pot legalized. Too much of a pot head to get a job to afford your habit?
    Well bubba that’s the view most Americans will have towards this post. The demonazation of Cannabis will be the only real fight to face if you want to see hemp fuel in this country.
    Points of interest:
    Hemp grows in moderate-poor soils (not fit for food crops)
    Hemp grows in moderate-poor climates (not fit for food crops)
    It is drought resistant, flood resistant, free of pest infestation, chokes out weeds without pesticides, needs no fertilizers, revitalizes the soil, has a 50 year crop rotation cycles know to remove toxins from the soil, based on climate it can have 3 harvest per year, 10 times more wood pulp than trees per acre, can be used for both gas and diesel, the byproduct of distillation makes high grade chicken feed, remaining fiber can be used to make canvas, rope, clothes that last up to 10 times longer than cotton, the seeds make a more nutritious flour than wheat, blablabla.
    Ok all of what I’ve said is true and more good stuff is know about it. In mid-America we have more than 11 million acres of moderate-poor land not being used for crops. As the AFT likes to point out they burn millions of tons of pot a year grown in America. Most of the crops are grown under cover of forest, not out in the open. So it can grow under what would be very adverse conditions without cultivation.
    Let’s review what I really just said:
    To all the multinational corps. like Monsanto, Dow and others, we won’t need your pesticides or herbicides.
    To all the multinational food growers, we won’t need your GMO corn for bio-fuel. As a result of the no cultivation thing, any idiot can grow it and get paid for it (uncontrollable market).
    By the way OPEC at just 2 million acres we won’t need your oil anymore.
    So you may have 1 or 2 players in the game that might not want hemp on the seen man. But like I said their not the real fight. The real fight will be public opinion. After almost 100 years of hearing that pot is harmful (not 1 death related to the use or consumption of hemp in 12,000 years?) it has been proven that even those that do smoke pot will not publicly admit it or support it.
    I understand that you are not talking about Cannabis-indica, pot. Your talking about Cannabis-sativa, hemp. Doesn’t matter. People have be told for almost 100 years by their peers and government that it’s the same thing.
    To legalize 1 you will have to legalize the other.
    Not really a bad thing as Indica produce’s as much as 3 times as much oil as Sativa.
    Good luck, my 2cents worth, Think I need to catch a buzz.

    Posted on 20 November, 2011
    • kyle

      Indica and sativa are both the kinds that get you buzzed… you are mistaken to think otherwise. Sativa is the tall, skinny kind of cannabis thought to originate in eastern Asia, with highs noted to he very heady and energetic. Also known to be bad for indoor growing because of its great height. Indica is small, bushy, with a body, stoney high. Known for being ideal to grow indoors due to its short, bushy stature. Hemp is simply hemp, or industrial hemp.

      Posted on 13 January, 2012
    • Tonydfixer

      To Tayro; (Hemp) is usually used to refer to the Cannabis plant that has none of the THC, in it. That is the stuff that makes you stoned.

      Posted on 11 September, 2012
    • zak

      Just thought id add something to your very information post, Hemp has 28,000 different uses alone… so anyone can grow it right? Great this is just ONE profitable use. Our country would never be in debt again, and to all you tobacco smokers, Tobacco is grown in radioactive chemicals in both the soil and the pesticides… you wanna know why cigarettes give people cancer? common sense. :)

      -Smoke err-day!-

      Posted on 7 November, 2012
    • morvis

      Lol @ first line, kinda threw me for a minute when I started reading the comment. Didn’t really know what to make of it for a minute until i read further.

      But yea, it’s ridiculous the mindset people have against it, like spend countless hours researching, finding beneficial uses, presenting the information, showing how it’s uses are far superior to what’s out there now, and their only thoughts on it: All that is done, just so the potheads can smoke their body tingle flowers. Potheads payed off universities to fabricate research evidences, to skew tests results, just to trick everyone into thinking all this good stuff about it, get it de-classified from being a dangerous addictive harmful drug, just so we can smoke it legally and get a body tingle. ::cracks open another beer::

      While they regurgitate countless one liners of propaganda fed through DARE programs and other government mouthpieces.

      Posted on 10 November, 2012
    • Sam Midas

      This was beautiful…

      Posted on 18 May, 2013
    • Nick

      It is pure ignorance to say it is a pot issue because the plant doesn’t have to reach flowering maturity to create ethanol and methanol from the fermented stalk. This is purely a billion dollar oil industry issue . Big business continues to hinder the progress of natural sustainable fuel, and the legalization of marijuana is just to skirt around the real issue and detour from the positive potential affect hemp oil could have on the U.S.economy as well as the global economic future.

      Posted on 23 May, 2013
    • Billy

      Well spoken good sir

      Posted on 26 October, 2013
  2. flesh

    this is why we need to put Ron Paul in the presidential seat.
    hemp for life. lets do it

    Posted on 4 January, 2012
  3. Taylor

    ^^ Hey yea, first comment. You’re numb. Hemp is not weed. Good job… lol.

    Posted on 10 January, 2012
  4. lee lee

    as for the first comment: the hemp industry has the potential to devistate certain industries that have been strategically instated… and whose demise could be a tough and possible violent battle. these industries that we are talkign about revamping are some of the biggest in the entire world. we talking a mob mess- when you mess with big money you risk your life… because that big money is like life for some people.. and theyre willing to do anything to defend it. now there is no question our economy would profit immensely.. as it would create jobs, make products cheaper, and reduce money spent on environmental rehabilitation. we could finally start focusing on innovation instead of treating symptoms of the failures of our current system.we could feed the masses, keep them healthier, find better medicines, use our hemo industry to profit through international trade, and so so much more… you have to realize that hemp has been and still is the answer to our existaence if we hope to survive much longer. tell the children the truth.. and spread the word… hemp for life hemp for health, hemp for economy….

    Posted on 26 January, 2012
    • Steve B.


      Posted on 3 September, 2012
  5. Guinnevere

    Hemp and marijuana need to be _decriminalized_, not _legalized_, as a friend of mine explained to me. Legalization would introduce a whole raft of new laws that would end up rendering the use of hemp/cannabis still difficult and restricted, and would serve merely to reenforce privileges already enjoyed by big corporations.

    Decriminalization would allow the public to use both kinds of plants as we see fit, and that would take a BIG bite out of profits for not only petro-chemicals but also big pharma, because the pain-management facet of pot use would require much less patented medication. Profit is the entire reason for governmental restriction of hemp and pot, regardless of the lies and excuses made by opponents; both are useful, beneficial plants.

    And, no, I don’t use either one due to the demonic persecution and property seizure that law enforcement personnel are allowed to perpetrate as a means of terrorizing the public into complying with the monopolistic status-quo.

    Posted on 11 March, 2012
    • Tonydfixer

      This is what they want , to scare the public off. Do you know that the engine Henry Ford used in his first car was designed to run on hemp seed oil? We are past peak oil production. Soon we will have to use hemp seed oil or not drive,heat our home or make plastics, so on & so on.

      Posted on 11 September, 2012
  6. Carol

    I also hear that hemp makes a better paper than trees, and of course, is much more easily renewed as a yearly crop. It yields hugely!

    Posted on 5 July, 2012
    • Dennis Cook

      I’d say it makes good paper. Just pull out your wallet and look at your good old US bills, made out of hemp so as to be resilient. One of them also has an old hemp farmer on the front. George Washington LOL.

      Posted on 29 August, 2013
  7. Ted

    The food based Ethanol and Tobacco Lobbies along with the Religious right will never allow hemp and hemp oils to be used or legalized.

    Posted on 22 July, 2012
    • Tonydfixer

      To Ted; There are not enough of them. The polls are showing over 50% of the population for legalization now. The lawmakers will have to address it sooner not never!

      Posted on 11 September, 2012
  8. mark

    It is very sad that we live in a country that has slid backwards and is spiraling into a blackhole of debt. Our politicians/leaders act as if they know whats best for us but truth is they just know whats good for their pockets and campaigning contributions from the big corps. We will not see hemp come back to power until its their/polticians very last resort. When every other idea they have has failed then hemp may get its chance. The national debt could be wiped clean in less than 10yrs if they would set the tax and rules already. Alchohol and cigarettes are legal and look how many has died from their use. So thats plain and simple proof that who has the money makes the rules. So very sad that we dont have a say at all in what the government does.

    Posted on 24 July, 2012
  9. Nazarite

    It’s All Herb Given By The Gods for Man Use – Eihter Industrial or medical And Even Spiritaul it’s All Good for Use. Herb Is The Healing Of The nations As stated In The Bible. Legalized So All Countries could Be free.

    Posted on 2 August, 2012
    • Billy

      Love this!

      Posted on 26 October, 2013
  10. Robert Milton

    I am trying to get a hold of 1 – 2 galons of hemp bio-fuel can anyone point me in a good direction. I know the government won’t like it but I believe we can persuade them through flooding the market with inventions and apparatuses that need the fuel. I know most americans are ignorant to the huge power capabilities and uses for the is product. I do not smoke, but do not judge those who do. I also do not believe that it is a gateway drug. Ignorance is a gateway drug. Any help with the Hemp fuel would be great. Vote out Obama and save this country.

    Posted on 27 August, 2012
  11. April

    Wow! I never knew that hemp had so many uses! That would be great if our country could grow it and use it in industry. But, I am one of those people who is very against legalizing smoking marijuana. Several people in my family have been/are using the drug for recreation and their lives are/were a disaster…I also don’t want (me or my children) to be exposed to the second-hand smoke. I don’t want to be high or on drugs because someone is smoking the stuff near me. It is bad enough that my husband smokes cigarettes and we have to breathe the air in the car with him! I have asthma, and my children have breathing issues as well. We don’t need any more air-born contaminants to breathe in. :( If people need it for medical use, then that’s fine. But, hopefully they would use it only in their own homes so others do not get exposed. Others don’t force their medicine (pills) on us, so I don’t think they should force their second-hand pot smoke on us as well. Just my opinion…

    Posted on 11 October, 2012
    • dragon

      pharma pills have contaminated our water tables for years. I have asthma from second had cigarette smoke and agree no one should be exposed.

      Posted on 17 February, 2013
  12. SRM

    There is still comercial use for biodiesel.
    Ethanol is on the way out.

    The future biofuel is isobuthanol. It offers more in energy
    production than ethanol and can be made with the same
    feed stock used for producing ethanol.

    If hemp seeds can produce ethanol it can produce isobuthanol,

    Companies like GEVO would be interest in the available of the raw material that produces isobuthanol.

    Posted on 7 December, 2012
  13. Jon

    Hemp and Marijuana are two different plants within the same species. ie. Dent corn, yellow corn, Indian corn, sweet corn, are all different plants within the same species. Hemp contains very little to no T.H.C which is the primary chemical naturally and more pronounced in the Marijuana plant.

    Dont get your plants mixed up. Hemp is medicinal, can make oil for cars at about .30 cents a gallon, and is a very strong anti carcinogenic when taken orally in a gel-oil form.

    Posted on 25 March, 2013
  14. Billy

    Electric cars with solar powered charging plugs in every parking would stimulate the economy and remove debt the fastest. Charge 2-4 bux every 50 miles and itd be as cheap if not cheaper than to transport in a hybrid. Roads would also have great increase in funding.

    Posted on 26 October, 2013
  15. Anthony

    Love all these post . Looking to help legalize go to they have a petition to legalize hemp farming in the United States . Hemp For Victory .

    Posted on 14 November, 2013
  16. Cunanan

    I’m understandable to making Gasoline from Hemp, I can agree with making it from Corn, but how much more productive would we all be if we turned out Biofuel from Yard Clippings?

    I’m down for using the hemp plant, mostly because of fast a nice stalk could be grown and churned in to BioFuel or Gasoline.

    But, according to some statistics I’ve found, all the Hurricanes that have been hitting us has been depleting our Agriculture. Less Agriculture means less Fruit, less Corn, and less room for Hemp Crops.

    I think we should look into turning grass cuttings, bush and tree trimmings in to BioFuel? Just a thought.

    Great excerpt on Hemp for Fuel, by the way!!!

    Posted on 18 November, 2013
  17. Spacepimpkevin

    I’ve always been fasinated with Hemp Ethanol/biodiesal ever since i had heart that Henry Ford’s model of the car was orignally going to run on biofuel made from Hemp.
    But i’ve got 1 question; When compared to gasoline, which is more powerful in powering an engine?
    Like what is the unit of measurement that is used to determine how much fuel is used to power a specific engine to a certain degree, and how does Hemp ethanol compare to gasoline in that comparison?

    Posted on 10 January, 2014

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