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Hemp biodieselHow to Make hemp Bio Diesel
Titration method

Agua Das is the creator of “Hemp I Scream

Safety first: Making hemp biodiesel can be dangerous, wear protective clothing and eyewear. This is a serious activity and it not recomended for a “weekend project”.  This process is only for reference as to what skilled biodiesel makers would do.

Measure Free Fatty Acid content of your oil: Mix 1 ml oil with 10 ml Isopropyl alcohol = 2 drops phenolthalian solution (available in a hobby shop chemistry set suppliers). Drop-wise add 0.1% lye solution ( 1 gm lye in one liter water ) until the solution stays pink for 10 seconds. (20 drops = 1 ml) Record the milliliters of 0.1% lye solution used.

Methanol You will need 200 ml of methanol per liter of Hemp Seed oil. Methanol may be purchased as Drigas available at most automotive stores, read the label for methanol. Also Methanol is available from racing stores. Avoid hardware store methanol (wood alcohol) as it mat contain excessive water content.

Sodium Methoxide For each liter of hemp seed oil you need one gram of granular solid lye for each ml of 0.1% lye solution used in titration of free fatty acids plus 3.5 grams. Completely dissolve the proper amount of Lye in the methanol (Red Devil Lye can be purchased from the Grocery Store). This combined mixture makes sodium methoxide.

Mixer The type of mixer depends on the size of the batch.  An electric drill and paint mixer on an extended shaft works well in a 5 gallon bucket.

Transesterfication: Once the lye catalyst is dissolved completely so that there is no sediment, then the oil may be added to the methanol lye mixture while mixing continuously. At first the mixture becomes thicker, then thinner as the reaction proceeds. Collect samples every 5 minutes with an eye dropper into a test tube or clear container. The Mixture will separate into a light top layer of bio diesel and a darker bottom layer of glycerin, soap and catalyst. Continued mixing 30 – 60 minutes until the yield remains constant. Then stop mixing. Go have lunch. When you come back it will have settled into two distinct layers. You have done it!  Let the mixture settle for at least 8 hours. Pour off and save the  hemp biodiesel top layer into another container. A clear funnel bottomed container is helpful.

Rinsing: The raw Bio Diesel that you have just produced may have some catalyst, alcohol, and glycerin remaining which could cause engine problems, so for long term engine reliability this raw fuel should be rinsed with water. Gently at first then more vigorously rinse with water until the rinse water is clear and the pH of the rinse water is the same pH as the supply water. Settle, Decant.

Drying: Water in the bio Diesel makes cloudy so it must be carefully heated. At 100 C most of the water coalesces and falls to the bottom. This water must be completely removed from the bottom of the container before heating to higher temperature.


Once all water has been removed then heat the bio diesel to 300 f (150 c) to complete dryness. Cool, filter, and store the hemp biodiesel in a well marked dry closed container. 100% HEMP DIESEL FUEL (HEMP OIL METHYL ESTER – HOME FUEL)

This fuel may be mixed in any ratio with petroleum diesel. Dynamometer tests indicate full power output with up to 75% reduction in soot and particles. No engine modification is needed to burn bio diesel fuel.

According to Agua Das, hemp biodiesel could be the fuel of the future.

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  2. Hemp Biodiesel
    Agua Das is the creator of “Hemp I Scream.” In 2011 Jason Lauve and Das put this gassifier to work.


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15 thoughts on “Make Hemp Biodiesel”

  1. The answer is get our government to allow free trade in both hemp and cannabis. Let them compete with out the burden or stigma that these plants are somehow bad. These plants are only bad because big business found a major competitor, that is safe and more effective than any single plant out there. Both the Male and female are beneficial.

  2. Wow, really informative info. Im a biology major (currently). I will make this very soon because i know it will cut my living expenses. My question is Can hemp diesel fuel really be used for cars like grand prixs, ford mustangs and impala and ect.??

      1. I have been making bio diesel for the past 25 years, using used sunflower cooking oil and run both my BMW’s (530D and 320D) and Isuzu (KB 280D) van on it. The fuel filters never need replacing, the power output is higher than the pump diesel that we get in South Africa and i make soap with the Glycerine by product. Every litre of fuel i burn puts a couple of dollars in my pocket from the soap sales. The written explanation on how to make bio diesel does sound daunting, but once you understand the concept, it is easier than eating sweets.

  3. dear its a great invention and real need of the time. i really appreciate it. can you brief the procedure with more detailed steps by step. because its not that much confirm how to go step by step. and please can you mention these chemicals in little detail,


  4. im very glad i studied this hemp fuel method. ive been using this alternative fuel and my car has never ran this great. The natural fuel has cleaned my whole engine intake.

      1. Yes and no. Bio-diesel fuel comes from the oil from hemp seeds, not the stalks or the leaves of the plant, however, through an entirely different process, the biomass of the stalks and leaves can be converted into alcohol which can then be further refined into gasoline – might cost about the same as petrol though.

        Biomass fuel and Bio-diesel are two different types of fuel, using different parts of the plant and different processes.

    1. How many plants do you have growing?

      Is it cost effective compared to regular diesel?

      Do you use hemp fuel 100 percent of the time or do you run out often?

  5. I hate the governments of the world for hiding this from us, no wonder they don’t want us having marijuana. I hope one day God will punish all those responsible for hiding the truth from us. Educate urself people and wake up. Marijuana is life. Grow it everywhere.

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