Hemp seed oil nutritional information

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil represents a single source of all of the essential fatty and amino acids that are required for healthy human life. Hemp seed oil is derived from Cannabis Sativa L. seeds. A cold press method is used to press the oil from the seed without degenerating the nutrients in the seed oil.
According to HempWorld.com, hemp seed oil contains 57 percent linoleic acid, also known as Omega-6, and 19 percent linolenic acid, also known as Omega-3. LA and LNA are essential fatty acids, which are required by the body yet cannot be produced within the body.
Hemp seed oil contains 1.7 percent gamma-linolenic acid, which promotes healthy hair, nails, and skin, in addition to reducing inflammation.
According to RegenerativeNutrition.com, LA and LNA can help enhance growth, increase energy, promote healing, regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation. According to HempWorld.com, Omega-3 may help reduce the risk of heart attack.
One tablespoon of hemp seed oil contains approximately 120 calories and represents 22 percent daily value of total fat (1g saturated fat, 10g polyunsaturated fat, 3g monounsaturated fat). Hemp seed oil contains no cholesterol, carbohydrates, proteins, sodium or sugar.
Hemp seed oil may be consumed in foods, such as dips and salad dressing, or taken as a supplement. Heat will reduce the nutritional benefits of hemp seed oil; therefore, it is not typically used in cooking.

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