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Hemp is a variety of cannabis that is grown for the fiber and seeds.  The fiber and seeds are incredible valuable and is why hemp is often called a “cash crop”.  Hemp is a very hearty plant and grows very quickly in very diverse soil conditions.  Cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes has been done by many civilizations for over 12,000 years.   Industrial hemp was the desired fiber used to manufacture rope, canvas, paper, and clothing until alternative textiles and synthetics for these purposes were discovered.  Although China has been the largest hemp producer over the years, other countries such as Australia and Canada are catching up.  It has been illegal for anyone to grow hemp in the United States as hemp is illegal under the marijuana prohibition act but Colorado has changed the laws and paved the way for industrial hemp production again in the United States(see hemp history). Now hemp oils, hemp plastics, hemp building materials and many hemp fiber products can be seen and purchased on the market. Hemp is truly an amazing plant with the potential to help “green up” many industries.

Hemp leaves

Hemp leaves

Traditionally, hemp fiber has been a very coarse fiber when raw, which made it well suited to rope but less than ideal for clothing designed to be worn against delicate human skin. Advances in breeding of the plants and treatment/processing of the fibers have resulted in a much finer, softer hemp fiber, which is ideal for weaving into hemp clothing, fabrics and rope. Watch the video on Hemp for victory to learn more about the importance of hemp during war times.

The “re-”growth of industrial hemp in the United States is heavily regulated, although the neighbouring nation of Canada successfully grows hemp commercially.  Since becoming legal to grow again in Canada, the crop has taken off and has become a booming multi-million dollar export.  Hemp building materials are another growing segment of the hemp industry.  Canada is now a leader in the global hemp food/health marketplace.  Canadian hemp products can be found in many hemp markets now in the United States and the world over.

In addition to providing useful fibers, hemp seed also has high nutritional value. and the plant can be used to make biodegradable plastics, some fuels, and a variety of other things. Hemp foods including but not limited to hemp energy bars, hemp salad dressing,hemp milk, hemp protein shakes, hemp oil gel caps and hemp protein powder are among some of the health products being produced today. Visit the Hemp Education pages to learn more!


  1. Joel

    I would like to learn more about hemp. With the way things are going on a global scale this might not be a bad alternative to most of the things we use on a day to day basis that are toxic or not renewable.

    Posted on 15 February, 2012
    • Esther Gold

      I have spinal synopsis .arthritis, and osteoperosis mostly in my upper back. I have tried many different procedures along with pain medication to help get rid of the pain. I get some relief from the medication, but hemp seems a better way to go. Please let me know if there are any case studys on this product.

      Posted on 11 January, 2014
  2. Brigitta Muller

    i am a farmer in Namibia and would like to know if hep could be grown in a semi desert country?

    Posted on 28 February, 2012
    • Jordan Walters

      Yes you can grow hemp anywhere in the world that plants are able to grow. Anywhere in the u.s. Excluding some places in Alaska. I live in Arizona, you can even grow here if it were legal.

      Posted on 10 December, 2013
  3. tyler

    they were litarrly sampling hemp cereal in costco here XD

    Posted on 5 April, 2012
  4. silvia

    Hemp is a wonderful cream, it takes my pain away as soon as i put it on i had recomend it to my friends and it work for them too

    Posted on 7 April, 2012
    • pat haight

      Hi…I read your statement about hemp being a cream that takes pain away. Living in Oregon there’s no talk about “hemp” but I don’t doubt your experience with it..and I’m wondering where you found that maybe I can get a jar of it and see if it would help my aches and pains….I would really appreciate your response…and thanks for your “reply” that motivated me to write to you..

      Posted on 17 March, 2013
  5. Eric

    yes, with the right equipment any strain can be grown anywhere, otherwise you will need to find a strain native to your enviorment or one similar. I can almost promise you there will be at least one strain, but it may not be ideal for your intended use. differint strains very dramatically in use/look/proportion.

    Posted on 9 April, 2012
  6. J.C.

    would i get stoned if smoke my wallet made of hemp?

    Posted on 24 May, 2012
    • Benjamin

      lol no, Hemp doesn’t have THC like Marijuana does.

      Posted on 26 November, 2012
  7. Chris

    The main reason hemp is illegal in the because it would destroy the lumber industry and hurt the cotton industry.

    Posted on 29 May, 2012
    • Mel


      Posted on 30 July, 2013
    • david williams

      hit it right on the head! bastards are stifling change and innovations thru hemp!! #hempforhire!!

      Posted on 18 October, 2013
    • Will

      Hemp production has been legal in Canada for many years now. I have grown hemp for 4 years. So far, no one is using the fibre. All the hemp is grown for grain. It is not a threat to the cotton or lumber industry.

      Posted on 19 October, 2013
    • Priscilla

      This statement is so very true. I agree 100% with this comment. The government says the reasoning in not legalizing hemp is due to the D.E.A. not being able to tell the difference between hemp and marijuana. When clearly anyone with eyes can see the difference.

      Posted on 11 November, 2013
    • robert

      What a disgrace and a tragedy for this great country my friend, just unbelievable and sadly to say but that’s how our economy works! Hope one day things will be the way they should.
      Hemp is not allowed to be cultivated in the USA because “will destroy the lumber industry and hurt the cotton as well”, my Lord , and by the way, the lumber industry is destroying our trees!!!

      Posted on 26 November, 2013
  8. Shiloh

    I’ve been allergic to sunscreen my whole life and I just bought some ‘non-chemical’ natural sunscreen made with hemp seed oil and it didn’t even so much as itch! :D

    Posted on 4 June, 2012
  9. runningwater

    Ok, the real truth what is the differance from Hemp and Marijuana. I am dealing with cancer now and I here alot about Hemp. I’m not a smoker and dont want to smoke Marijuana, I would like to grow for the oil, fiber,protin ( injestion ). second will ingestion show on drug screen. I only want facts not I think

    Posted on 5 August, 2012
    • Jacob

      Although you said not to write any “I think” replies, you haven’t gotten any facts yet so I might as well give you something. I am getting tested at the moment, and I drink hemp milk every morning. I have been completely clean for the tests. So do with that what you will.

      Posted on 7 September, 2013
    • Priscilla

      Mainly what they look for in drug test is THC. Hemp contains only very minuscule amounts of THC. You cannot get high off of hemp. It is impossible. You would have to smoke or eat a boat load of hemp to even remotely get a buzz. A person could not ingest that much hemp, and a person would die of smoke inhalation before smoking enough to achieve a buzz. So hemp does not contain enough THC to show up on a drug screening. I hope this information helps you.

      Posted on 11 November, 2013
  10. pam

    maybe this is what we need to get this country out of debt!!! how could nature be wrong….we used it years ago……for the same reasons…..why is this so difficult? IMAGINE THE JOBS!!!

    Posted on 22 November, 2012
  11. Steve

    Do you know of more than one site that offers viable industrial hemp seeds for purchase in small quantities? How would I know what kind of variety to grow based on my location and climate, when it becomes legal? Thanks much!

    Posted on 22 December, 2012
  12. danny

    just read in the Ky news that the law passed that farmers can grow hemp

    Posted on 16 February, 2013
    • Garrett

      Kentucky farmers cannot legally grow hemp until they receive approval from the DEA. Same with Colorado and North Dakota

      Posted on 25 July, 2013
  13. Shandra**

    I am currently doing a research paper on the benefits of hemp, and medicinal marijuana. Lets just say I am “experianced”, and knowledgable when it comes to the advantages. (c’mon, stoners cannot be that ‘spaced out’ if even we see the impact hemp itself could make) I chose this topic to voice not only my opinion on the matter, but the facts in the matter. Thank you for the valuble information on your site! It has helped to improve my paper for sure!!

    Posted on 22 March, 2013
  14. Bobbi Hebert

    I purchased a sample size of hemp lotion at a chain store and I love it. I am a nurse and wash my hands constantly, the hemp lotion lasts longer than other lotions. Another benefit, is that it doesn’t leave a greasy film behind. I would recommend it to anybody.

    Posted on 28 May, 2013
  15. Jane

    The US is dumb for outlawing hemp. It can solve a lot of the problems we face today in the environment. Yet the government is still willing to give up the lives of living animals and plants for their own profit. What kind of country is this…..?! I demand change.

    Posted on 2 September, 2013
    • david williams

      will you marry me jane?

      Posted on 18 October, 2013
    • david williams

      that comment was beautiful

      Posted on 18 October, 2013
  16. Sudhir

    I would like trying to grow Hemp in India, how can I get help to start the project? can somebody advise where about for getting help in this context pl ? — Sudhir

    Posted on 29 September, 2013
  17. james

    Big Oil and Steel didn’t want Henry Ford to grow a car.

    Posted on 28 October, 2013
  18. renee

    Is it gluten free?

    Posted on 1 December, 2013
  19. Bill Myers

    I bought a hemp t-shirt about 15 years ago. I still wear it today it is soft . It feels better then cotton and dose not wrinkle. It also can make high quality rope of different sizes. It would make a good industries in the us where jobs is needed the most.

    Posted on 7 January, 2014

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