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Author and hemp activist Jack Herer has died

Herer, pictured in 1996, was a longtime marijuana activist and the author of the landmark book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes: The Authoritative Historical Record of Cannabis and the Conspiracy Against Marijuana.” By 2004, it had been through 16 printings and published more than 600,000 copies

Hemp History Week wants you to support Hemp History week! Help get the word out about hemp! Hemp History Week “Hemp was an important crop for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and thousands of American farmers until it was outlawed completely in 1970 by the Controlled Substances Act. I know many farmers in my district could benefit greatly …

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Hemp Debate in Wisconsin

Here’s an article from Fox News Wisconsin – They said they got the information from NPR, but when I searched I couldn’t find anything about hemp on the Wisconsin NPR site. ——– MADISON (WPR) It could soon be legal to grow hemp for industrial purposes in Wisconsin, depending on what comes of two hemp bills …

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East Anglia growers in switch from peas to hemp – UK

By MICHAEL POLLITT, AGRICULTURAL EDITOR Originally posted here East Anglia’s vining pea growers could switch to a profitable alternative crop and plant hemp this spring, members of Norfolk’s oldest farming club have been told. And Europe’s biggest hemp proces-sing plant at Halesworth is planning a £5m investment to boost production of insulation materials, said managing …

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‘Cannabis’ Drinks Can’t Be Trademarked, Court Says

(CN) – The word “Cannabis” may not be trademarked for beverages containing hemp, a European court ruled. The Court of First Instance upheld a European market office’s determination that the mark is descriptive, not distinctive. A German brewery producing a beer called “Cannabis Club” challenged Italian beverage retailer Giampietro Torresan’s 1996 registry of “Cannabis” for …

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Robust Export Growth Boosts Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils

Hemp foods are one of the hottest health food trends in North America, and a fast-growing Canadian company is demonstrating that there is a healthy appetite for nutritious hemp foods overseas, too. Due to a vigorous international sales initiative over the past few years by Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils (, exports of their …

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Get your ‘Mojo’ free on the web

This really doesn’t have anything to do with Hemp… but for some reason country-rocker Mojo Nixon’s complete works are available for free on’s MP3 download area this week. Get em while they’re hot!! It is best not to ask why! Just a “thank you Mr. Nixon” will do.

Buildings made out of hemp. It’s about time!

“The versatile substance can be used for flooring, wall construction and roof insulation. Hempcrete is reportedly fireproof, waterproof, makes for a good insulate and doesn’t rot when used above ground. Manufacturers claim the material is 100 percent recyclable and can be used as fertilizer after demolition.”

Hemp Society – And the winner is…

Us, I guess, welcome to our new project, (old link removed).  A place to come and share, learn and get connected to others interested in furthering industrial hemp use in the United States and world over.

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