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HIMALANIA: Hemp Seeds Dark Chocolate, 6 oz


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HIMALANIA: Hemp Seeds Dark Chocolate, 6 oz

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Hemp Seeds have been an important source of nutrition to indigenous cultures for thousands of years! Cultivation of this nutritionally complete seed began in Central Asia and has spread towards East Asia, India, Europe and Canada over time. Spanning the fertile Canadian Prairies, Toasted Hemp Seeds are sustainably harvested and carefully roasted in a custom roaster, then married with smooth and sophisticated Dark Chocolate. Himalania combines gourmet sweet with a nutty crunch to deliver your pantry’s most talked about treat! Himalania offers the most premium dark chocolate through innovation and sustainable sourcing practices. Our Dark Chocolate is created from the finest quality cocoa grown throughout the world. Our cocoa production is not produced in mass, but selected directly from cocoa bean farmers and growers. By actively supporting sustainable cocoa farming, we can ensure that purveyors are guaranteed support to make decent livelihoods.




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