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In G.O.D. We Rust-The Beauty of UnIntelligent Design

From Cells to Societies: A Dynamic Fractal Dr. Robert Melamede, Ph.D. drbobmelamede@me.comPhoenix Tears Foundation, Denver CO, USA; CannaHealth Labs, Colorado Springs CO;Second Chance, Ecuador; CannaSapiens, Belgrade Serbia; Nostic Cannabis Cluster,Kingston Jamaica Abstract What if the standard random mutation-based view of the evolution of species and cancers is incomplete to the extent …

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Denver to Vacate Low-Level Marijuana Convictions That Occurred Before Legalization

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock (D) is ordering a “citywide” effort to vacate and expunge low-level marijuana convictions from residents’ criminal records. “For too long, the lives of low-income residents and those living in our communities of color have been negatively affected by low-level marijuana convictions,” the Democrat said in a …

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