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Hemp Future Week, Day 5: “Hobacco,” “Not-Pot,” and “Nobacco”

Richard Rose Your CannaCoach, Pioneer in the Hemp Industry for 24 Years. Consult the Consultant your Consultant consults. “Hobacco,” “Not-Pot,” and “Nobacco”: savior of the artisanal craft Cannabis farm in a future of cheap imported molecules? Smokable high-CBD Hemp flowers have much potential as we see in Switzerland and Italy, where looser hemp laws (1% …

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Arizona’s New Hemp Law Stifles Innovation, Silent On CBD

By Richard Rose Arizona’s new SB 1098 hemp law stifles innovation by mandating Certified hemp seed, although none exists for its 31-37 degrees latitude. Like Colorado encouraging new genetic breeding for that state’s hot and dry conditions, and rewarding Arizonans with new intellectual property, it instead requires paying high prices to foreign corporations. …

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Better Nomenclature Needed; Not By Phenotype or Genotype, but Chemotype?

Richard Rose: Your CannaCoach, Pioneer in the Hemp Industry for 24 Years. We need better nomenclature for discussing Cannabis, beyond Indica/Sativa or evenNLD/BLD/NLH/BLH. Why? Because… Strain names are about as informative as band names, and that’s because… The same genotype could produce wildly different chemical composition depending on growing practices. There are virtually no pure or true Indica or Sativa cultivars …

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