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Agricultural Hemp Foods Improve Quality of Life

Restaurants Serving Agricultural Hemp Foods Improve Quality of Life The oldest known food catering establishments dated as far back as the Song Dynasty (960-1279) whose paper money economy and healthy middle class allowed them to cater to the residents who lived there as well as travelers. All other examples of …

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Mom’s Hemp Answer to Sunday Breakfast

Waking up on a Sunday can be rough on a mother of four and this Sunday was no different. It was early and I was pondering how to feed the little mouths that were about to wake up.  This while peering into an almost bare pantry and fridge.  As I …

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Quinoa Hemp Veggie Burgers – Just in time for Spring!

Quinoa Hemp Veggie Burgers By: Chef Inga Voloshin The thing that’s always bugged me about veggie burgers is that a lot of them don’t really taste like burgers, they don’t have the meatiness of a real burger, and more often than not they leave you wanting more. That’s why I’ve …

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Hemp Recipes – Hemp Ginger Cake

The Guradian just ran this delicious-looking cake recipe adding Hemp flour as an unacknowledged ingredient.  They just threw it into the mix like everyone uses Hemp Flour in their cooking every day!  We love it when hemp is incorporated into products or foods without people making a big deal about …

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