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HHow to build a Hemp House

A review of the ebook – How to Build a House Using Hemp.

My laundry list of stuff I need to do this weekend.
Pick up dry cleaning.
Get milk and eggs.
Build a house.

Yeah that’s right it can be done, you could be building the house of your dreams with the material of the future, HEMP…and I would too if I didn’t live in a city.

But I am making a promise to myself that if I ever have the means to buy land and have the option of building a house on said land – I will be building my house using hemp concrete… and after having read How to Build a Hemp House by Paul Benhaim and Klara Marosseky I’m pretty sure I’m going help build it with my own hands.

Go Team Awesome!

Paul Benhaim and Klara Marosseky put together an easy to understand yet detailed blueprint of the steps you need to take, process you need to follow, precautions you should adhere to, and even the materials you need to obtain in order for you to literally build your own house using hemp that you grew on your own land. (For people living in the USA – you’ll need to get premixed hempcrete as we are not allowed to plant hemp…yet!)

But I digress. According to Paul with 1 hectare (2.5 acres) you can plant enough hemp to build a normal family size home.

The book is easy to follow because of its informal structure created as Paul interviews Klara.  Through her answers we are shown the entire process of building a Hemp house.

I have no engineering or architecture back ground and I had no problem understanding what was discussed.

They even provide technical drawings of wall details and window jam details as well as a break down of the thermal properties of hemp and how it compares to other building materials such as straw or brick.

And last but not least they have some great pictures of hemp in the field as well as some hemp houses in various stages of being built.

Now, the only issue for us in the old US of A is that we can’t plant our own hemp…yet. (I promise it’s coming my friends!)

But what you can do is use pre-made hemp concrete, which Klara discusses and even recommends, as it gives you a more even consistency in the mixture.

So, if you are interested in building a house out of hemp this is the ebook to read.

You can find the book here: www.thehempbuilder.com

Thanks Paul and Klara for sharing your knowledge.

Paul Benhaim is a recognized world authority in hemp research and development, as well as a published author of over 12 Hemp-related books and DVDs. He was born in London and lives in Australia.

Klara Marosseky has been a government licensed hemp researcher and grower for 10 years. She was a finalist in the Northern Rivers Regional Development Board’s (NRRDB) Innovation Awards in 2008 for her research into regional hemp farming models and her work with UNSW, to develop hemp masonry building materials and construction methods for the Australian market. She lives in Australia.

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