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Kentucky Hemp Farming History and Future

We strive to provide the latest and most accurate information available on the topic of Hemp, however, we are only humans and don’t always get it right.

Also, you can suggest topics or areas where we can expand. Anyway, We LOVE your feedback and look forward to a bright future!

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  1. I am holding 900,000 shares of hemp at .032 cents per share…..When do you see an upward move in the stock?. It has been going down steadily for the past 6 months.

  2. Mark Lloyd Jordan

    Do you have a list of associations that we could help support? We are putting together an information symposium and need to know who to invite.

    1. We support the people working on the American Hemp Association and Global Hemp Organization. They have a list of groups which they have found, to be honest, and transparent.

  3. Hello,
    How do we start? As a single mother I come from 400 years of agricultural knowledge. In todays time I have always known of the health and industrial needs of Hemp. Unfortunately in the 1915-1940 my families farms were taken illegally, some of my family was killed and the remaining members fled Mississippi, Alabama . Growing hemp was a way for descendants of slaves to build homes, make clothes, oils for lanterns, food and medicine. I want to go back to this method of income and provide jobs. How can I build? What steps can I take?
    Thank you for your time.

  4. Hi. I am interested in to know about what is the best Hemp seed to make oil to Biodiesel?
    Could you recommended some shop to buy and make my budget?
    I’m Going to work in Colorado, but my team and I, we are in California.
    Thank you for any information

    1. Hello Karen,
      Thank you for your question about hemp seed for biodiesel. There is a large seed called X-59 (Hemp Nut) from Terramax, you can find them here
      However, it is not the only one to look for there are many cultivars that are useful. Also, gasification of the cellulose is a source of energy and can be converted to fuels as well.

      If you would like help sourcing please contact

  5. Marcia Tassinari

    I need to buy Hemp Oil capsules green Lable to be shipped to Kissimmee-FL, and I can’t buy through your website.
    Please inform your phone Nr for contact.

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