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Trump Signs Farm Bill, Now we will see the way it plays out.

CBDToday will be referred to as a great day or a disaster for WE THE PEOPLE. President Trump Signed the Farm Bill at 4pm EST. Many companies are very happy that this was signed, but what will it do for the average person who wants to grow a plant?

US Farm Bill Will Make CBD “Production” Legal And Cheaper for companies. We have already seen GW Pharmaceuticals has a CBD product that is cost prohibitive to most people that need it, it also has side effects that we have never seen in whole plant uses.

As Trump signs the Farm Bill the concern is that the small farmer will be hurt by this legislation and corporate farmers will reap the rewards.

  1. Hemp is legal for a select group of companies and not every person in the United States of America. You can’t grow it in your back yard.
  2. $125,000 Gifts for family members of big farms, including those that don’t work on the farms.
  3. Forced work for SNAP assistance for many who are already working multiple jobs
  4. Yemen is still in the bill
  5. Ban of drug felons (some of them have been helping free the plant, but now they are excluded and pay extra penalty on a sentence they have already served.

Trump Signs Farm BillThe FDA will continue to enforce the law, while providing pathways for pharmaceutical products containing Cannabis and its derivatives.


1. CBD is unlawful under the FD&C Act

2. Food containing added CBD or THC is not legal

3. Marketing CBD or THC products as dietary supplements, regardless if hemp-derived is not legal

4. CBD and THC are active ingredients in FDA-approved drugs

5. Illegal to introduce drug ingredients into food supply

6. Illegal to market CBD products as dietary supplements

You can read the entire 2018 farm bill to learn more!

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