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How to make hemp soap

How to make hemp soap

Hemp soap is very useful and very effective!  Here is a simple method of making hemp soap.



  • 5 kg Coconut Oil
  • 1.9 Kg Water
  • .67 kg Sodium Hydroxide
  • 67.5 g Oats Flour
  • 50 ml Hemp Oil
  • 25 g Crushed Hemp Meal

Melt oil & let cool to 95 F.
Mix water & Sodium Hydroxide, let cool to 95 F.
Mix lye & water mixture into the oil and stir for about 2 hours.
Add oat flour, hemp oil & hemp meal just before trace.
Once trace is reached, pour into molds & insulate for 24 hours.
Uncover & let cool 12 hours.
Unmold, cut to size & dry 3-4 weeks.

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