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Kentucky Hemp Farming History and FutureHemp.com is privately owned.  Having owned the hemp.com domain since 1997 I have been sharing the hemp plant and many of the wonderful uses of it with all of you! I strive to provide the latest and most accurate information available on the topic of Hemp, however, I am human and don’t always get it right. You can let me know that here 🙂 Also, you can suggest topics or areas where we can expand. Anyway, I LOVE your feedback and look forward to speaking to you!

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  1. What does the future hold for hemp in the US?

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  2. Marcia Tassinari

    I need to buy Hemp Oil capsules green Lable to be shipped to Kissimmee-FL, and I can’t buy through your website.
    Please inform your phone Nr for contact.

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  3. Hi. I am interested in to know about what is the best Hemp seed to make oil to Biodiesel?
    Could you recommended some shop to buy and make my budget?
    I’m Going to work in Colorado, but my team and I, we are in California.
    Thank you for any information

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