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Hemp Vans the shoe to have this spring

They’re not out yet, but keep your eyes peeled for Vans‘ stylish Hemp Pack shoes due out this spring. We’re not crazy about the Rasta trim (a little flashy and dope-centric for the office) but the Hemp weave is classy and almost linen looking. We’ll let you know when they …

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Solar tech could compete with fossil fuels in near future

Solar technologies have been slowly embraced due to some of their limiting factors: inefficency and lack of adequate storage space. But Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts that we will all be using a lot more solar energy and less fossil fuels in the near future: Kurzweil, together with Google co-founder Larry …

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California:SB 676 -legalize hemp for industrial purposes only

Hemp.com does not know everything about this law but from what we have read so far it is a ‘no brainer’ to get this one passed. SB 676 was introduced on Friday, February 18th by state Senator Mark Leno. Senator Leno believes that hemp farming will help revitalize California’s economy. …

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How to Build a Hemp House

A review of the ebook – How to Build a House Using Hemp. My laundry list of stuff I need to do this weekend. Pick up dry cleaning. Get milk and eggs. Build a house. Yeah that’s right it can be done – you could be building the house of …

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Eco Ideas: Air-Scrubbing Artificial Trees

Not only are these alien trees very cool to look at, they could potentially be coming to your city to help scrub the air you breath. These “Treepods” (currently in concept form) were designed to be placed on city streets to mitigate carbon waste emissions.  They effectively remove carbon dioxide from the …

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Hemp Plastic-hemp plastic goes mainstream

Hemp Plastics Hemp is a non-drug variety of cannabis that is grown legally around the world. Although China has been the largest hemp producer over the years, other countries such as Australia and Canada are catching up. Plastic is broadly defined as “a substance that can be moulded or shaped”. …

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Hemp Recipes – Hemp Ginger Cake

The Guradian just ran this delicious-looking cake recipe adding Hemp flour as an unacknowledged ingredient.  They just threw it into the mix like everyone uses Hemp Flour in their cooking every day!  We love it when hemp is incorporated into products or foods without people making a big deal about …

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New Product: Hemp Shield Deck Finish

You’ve been dreaming of BBQ’s, Pasta Salad & Lemonade, but  the sound of wind and ice outside is a cold reminder that spring has taken vacation and you weren’t invited.  But there is hope:  underneath all the snow and dead leaves lies a tribute to man’s relaxational ingenuity. The American Deck. Spring and summer …

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Hemp Root – A Little Known Cure for Muscle Pain

As if this plant couldn’t do everything – there is yet another application. About a month ago I pulled the muscles in my lower back. I was bed ridden for about 2 days with severe muscle swelling. It hurt so bad that I could barely walk. I would ice it …

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