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Illinois Hemp Bill Passes Committee

The Illinois Industrial Hemp Act passed a House Agriculture and Conservation Committee by a vote of 11-2. The bill would allow farmers in Illinois to grow hemp once again and would define hemp as being varieties of the cannabis genus whose THC content is below 0.3% The bill will now …

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Australia Says Yes To Cannabis Food

Would you say yes to cannabis dessert? Australia would. Australia’s top food watchdog, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, officially cleared the use of cannabis in foods such as cake, ice cream and beer. While the idea of an ice cream sundae “à-la-cannabis” might not appeal to some, there are others …

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Australia Contemplates Nutritious Hemp

Our friends down under are contemplating the use of hemp seed as a food staple. Currently, it is illegal to consume hemp in Australia and New Zealand…although it is legal to grow hemp for fiber. Go figure.  Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is currently conducting a study to see if …

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Pepsi introduces all-plant plastic bottle, no hemp in it yet

As with all new technologies, it takes a few opinion-leaders embracing the new idea to pull the rest of us on-board.  And few companies have the huge consumer “gravitational pull” of Coke and Pepsi in their ongoing fight for carbonated sugar-water supremacy. So it was with great surprise this week …

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A house fit for a… Prince

Prince Charles has unveiled his vision of housing in the future: Sustainable, eco-friendly living with hemp-insulated materials at the  Ideal Home Show in London. Chief Executive Hank Dittmar of the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment states: ‘It’s an extremely well insulated home, made form natural healthy materials and it’s …

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New attitudes to Hemp enable an agricultural comeback

Paul Benhaim–  With an ever-changing need worldwide for different products over the centuries, agriculture moves on with demand. Reduced demand for some crops, and other circumstances led to agriculture reducing production; one such victim of reduced demand was the Hemp plant, where governmental policy affected the market. This easy to …

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Nutiva challenged DEA to sell hemp foods in US

Here’s a great article about how Nutiva founder John Roulac fought the DEA and opened the doors for Hemp-foods in the US health food industry. via Bloomberg – natural foods retailer nutiva challenges dea, embraces hemp . The American hemp-food market is growing quickly, according to natural food market analyst SPINS, which …

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